IDT TSE2002B3 and TS3000B3 Precision Temperature Sensors for DDR3

IDT (Integrated Device Technology, Inc.) introduced the TSE2002B3 (stand-alone) and TS3000B3 (integrated 256-byte EEPROM array) precision temperature sensors for Double Data Rate 2 and 3 (DDR2 and DDR3) memory modules, Solid State Disks (SSD), and computing motherboards. The IDT temperature sensor devices are currently sampling to qualified customers. They are available in 8-pin DFN and TDFN packages that are RoHS compliant. The TSE2002B3 is priced at $0.85 for 10,000 unit quantities and the TS3000B3 is priced at $0.75 for 10,000 unit quantities.

The TSE2002B3 and TS3000B3 temperature sensors measure the local temperature of a computing subsystem and, if the temperature rises above pre-determined levels, enable system controllers to respond by throttling system bandwidth, adjusting memory refresh rates or varying fan speeds. In addition, the new IDT temperature sensors can trigger shutdown of a subsystem if the temperature reaches a critical point, enhancing reliability.

The IDT TSE2002B3 and TS3000B3 temperature sensors exceed the requirements set forth by the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council (JEDEC) JC42.4 specification for Grade B temperature sensors, providing ±1°C temperature sensing accuracy over the entire temperature range of -20°C to +125°C, providing greater system accuracy. The devices also feature an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) that delivers programmable resolution up to 12-bits (0.0625°C).

In addition, SMBus and I2C programming interfaces are fully supported, including SMBus timeout and I2C fast mode, input glitch filtering and power-up voltage hysteresis — all designed to enhance fault tolerance. The TSE2002B3 and TS3000B3 devices enable enterprise, mobile, and embedded computing systems to run at peak efficiency, saving overall power and enhancing reliability and performance by monitoring the temperature of the various subsystems.

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