Microchip PIC12F617 Microcontroller

Microchip Technology introduced the PIC12F617 microcontroller. The PIC12F617 MCU features 3.5 kB of self-programmable Flash program memory, a 10-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC), comparator, Pulse-Width Modulator (PWM), and VREF for closed-loop-control applications — all in a miniature 3 mm x 3 mm DFN package. The PIC12F617 microcontroller is available in 8-pin PDIP, SOIC, MSOP and 3 mm x 3 mm DFN packages, starting at $0.56 each, in 10,000-unit quantities.

Microchip Technology PIC12F617 microcontroller

The PIC12F617 MCU provides a migration path for engineers using previous-generation 8-pin PIC MCUs who wish to upgrade to a larger-memory, more peripheral-rich MCU for future designs. The microcontroller is ideal for a variety of general-purpose applications in the consumer, appliance, industrial, medical, and other markets.

The PIC12F617 MCU offers 3.5 kB of Flash programmable memory with a self read-write capability. The microcontroller features an 8 MHz internal oscillator, an on-chip 4-channel 10-bit ADC, a comparator with hysteresis, and a PWM with complementary outputs that provide a framework for applications such as LED lighting control, motor control, capacitive touch keys and system monitors.

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