eASIC NX750LP and NX750 Nextreme 1.0V Devices

eASIC introduced two new lower power device options for their eASIC Nextreme Family. The NX750LP and NX750 Nextreme devices are now available with operating voltage down to 1.0V thereby enabling designers to achieve up to 40% lower power consumption. The new 1.0V device options are optimized for applications that require low cost and low power such as smart meters, portable projectors, toys, and handheld medical devices.

The NX750LP and NX750 low core voltage device options are ideal for designs that require up to 55K Logic Cells (approximately 750K Gates). These devices are available as part of the low cost ASIC-in-a-Box design kits that enable designs to be implemented in as little as 4 weeks. The 1.0V Nextreme Devices are available now from eASIC. Pricing starts at $3.95 in high volume.

eASIC’s Nextreme family is an alternative to standard cell ASIC designs as it provides significantly lower up-front development cost and risk. In addition, eASIC Nextreme provides a lower cost and lower power solution to costly and power hungry FPGAs. The addition of 1.0V device options now enhance the designer’s ability to meet ever shrinking power budgets, achieve longer battery life of their equipment by reducing both static and dynamic power consumption.

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