Wind River VxWorks DO-178B Platform for Aerospace and Defense Systems

Wind River and Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing introduced the latest VxWorks DO-178B Platform, which is designed to meet the stringent safety certification requirements of the aerospace and defense industry. The new release of VxWorks DO-178B includes complete DO-178B Level A certification evidence for a reference board support package (BSP) for the SVME/DMV-183 single board computer and additional processor support for Intel Core 2 Duo IA-32 and Power Architecture e600 cores.

Wind River offers a pre-packaged solution that includes a BSP with FAA DO-178B certification evidence for the SVME/DMV-183 single board computer. The pre-packaged solution offers a pre-configured combination that saves time and money for engineers already leveraging Curtiss-Wright Controls’ boards.

New Features of VxWorks DO-178B Platform

  • Support for Intel IA-32 architecture, and Power Architecture e600 cores, giving customers developing safety critical applications the option of processors that may provide better performance-to-cost ratios depending on the application. DO-178B level A/B/C/D certification is available on both the Power Architecture e600 and e300 cores.
  • Board Support Package (BSP) with DO-178B level A/B/C/D certification evidence for the SVME/DMV-183 single board computer, offering customers a cost-effective COTS hardware and software solution to save significant time and money when developing safety critical devices.

More information: Wind River VxWorks DO-178B Platform | Curtiss-Wright Controls