Texas Instruments TMS320C5514, TMS320C5515 Digital Signal Processors

Texas Instruments introduced the TMS320C5514 and TMS320C5515 digital signal processors. The TMS320C55x DSPs provide a 20% performance increase, up to 120MHz, with higher integration to ease system level development. The new DSPs enable engineers to maintain very low power levels while adding features such as additional encode and decode algorithms in voice, audio and portable communications applications, as well as more real-time diagnostics in medical end equipments. The digital signal processors also integrate power management features, such as on-chip LDOs (low-dropout regulators), as well as dynamic voltage and frequency scaling, so customers can maximize and efficiently manage battery life for portable devices.

Texas Instruments C5514 DSP Features

  • Three on-chip LDOs, one each for the DSP core, USB and analog subsystems
  • SDRAM and mobile SDRAM support for power sensitive applications
  • Highly-integrated peripherals (including a high-speed USB 2.0, I2S, UART, SPI, MMC/SD and GPIOs) reduce system cost and enable more user-friendly portable features
  • Up to 256 KB of on-chip memory saves both power and system cost by reducing the need for external memory
  • Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling help to maximize battery life in portable applications

TI C5515 DSP Features (in addition to C5514)

  • C5515 builds on C5514 with an additional 64KB on-chip memory (320KB total)
  • Up to 1024-point programmable FFT hardware accelerator
  • Integrated LCD display controller and 10-bit 4-channel SAR ADC reduce system cost and enable more user-interactive portable features
  • Scalable and pin-to-pin compatible with the C5514, provides customers with the flexibility to choose the right device for their application with easy migration options to build robust product families

How much does the TMX320C5514 and TMX320C5515 DSPs cost?
Free samples are available now for the TMX320C5514 and TMX320C5515. Full production of the C5514 is priced at USD $6.50 and the C5515 is priced at USD $7.65 both in 1,000 unit quantities (1ku). Developers can use the TMDXEVM5515 DSP evaluation module, which is open for order-entry today and priced at USD $395.00. For a lower cost evaluation alternative, the TMDX5515EZDSP is available for USD $79.

More information: Texas Instruments