Analog Devices Blackfin BF50x Processors

Analog Devices (ADI) introduced the Blackfin BF50x series of processors for converged digital signal and control processing applications. BF50x processors enable designers to achieve gains in signal conversion and computational precision, and apply advanced power control techniques to yield greater energy efficiency for industrial applications. Blackfin BF50x processors are sampling to today.

Analog Devices (ADI) Blackfin BF50x Processors

Blackfin BF50x Processors Features

  • Up to 400MHz high-performance Blackfin processor
  • Two 16-bit MACs, two 40-bit ALUs, four 8-bit video ALUs, 40-bit shifter
  • RISC-like register and instruction model for ease of programming and compiler-friendly support
  • Advanced debug, trace, and performance monitoring
  • Accepts a range of supply voltages for internal and I/O operations
  • Internal 32M bit flash (available on ADSP-BF504F and ADSP-BF506F processors)
  • Internal ADC (available on ADSP-BF506F processor)
  • Off-chip voltage regulator interface
  • 88-lead (12mm × 12 mm) LFCSP package for ADSP-BF504 and ADSP-BF504F processors
  • 120-lead (14 mm × 14 mm) LQFP package for ADSP-BF506F processor

Blackfin BF50x processors deliver up to 400MHz of performance at a price point where 150-200MHz clock speeds have been the norm, extending high-performance digital signal processing capabilities to a wider range of applications, including those previously serviced by high-end microcontrollers. The Blackfin BF50x enables designers to achieve greater system functionality and precision through the use of more sophisticated algorithms, and allows greater flexibility to optimize system interface and control capabilities. Designers are also enabled to utilize more advanced software tools and libraries for code generation, which helps shorten product development cycles and speed time to market – without compromising on processor cost.

Blackfin BF50x processors combine standard interfaces with a high-performance signal processing core to ensure that applications can be developed quickly and cost-effectively, without the need for expensive external components. With optional integrated dual-SAR 12-bit ADI ADCs for more accurate data conversion and 4MB of on-board executable flash memory, Blackfin BF50x processors minimize off-chip components to lower overall system costs.

Pricing and Availability
The BF50x family includes the BF504 starting at $4.50, the BF504F with integrated flash memory starting at $6.50, and the BF506F with integrated flash memory and ADC starting at $10.60 (all prices are based on 10,000 unit quantities). EZ-KIT Lite evaluation kits for Blackfin BF50x processors are priced at $199.

More information: ADI Blackfin BF50x Processors (pdf)