Ambarella A5s System-on-a-Chip for Pocket Sized Hybrid Cameras

Ambarella introduced the A5s system-on-a-chip (SoC) for pocket-sized hybrid cameras. The SoC incorporates a flexible, low-power processor with megapixel photography, HD, and internet video capture. The A5s SoC and evaluation kit are available now. Ambarella expects that full HD consumer hybrid cameras based on the A5s platform will be priced at or under the critical US $149 end-user price threshold in 2010.

The A5s SoC family features full high-definition (HD) recording, 14 Megapixels (MP) of still photography, and the ability to capture HD and internet video simultaneously. A 533-MHz ARM11 CPU and enhanced graphic capabilities enable a new class of lifestyle cameras with features such as a smart-touch screen, intuitive graphic user interface, and wireless networking.

The A5s family consists of three products: A5s25, A5s30, and A5s50. Each is available with a full reference design. The A5s25 integrated circuit can capture 10 MP still pictures as well as generate and compress high-definition video in both 720p60 and 1080p30 formats. The A5s30 enables burst recording of 8 MP still images at 30 frames per second with appropriate sensors. The A5s50 supports the standard interlaced HD broadcast format 1080i60 optimized for display on TV.

The low-power design combined with Ambarella’s image sensor processing and H.264 compression technology assures long battery life and high-quality, HD capture of everyday activities. Spatio-temporal filters reduce noise without causing blur to deliver clearer images, especially noticeable in low-light indoor scenes. For high-contrast and outdoor scenes, Ambarella’s automatic local exposure correction adjusts each pixel to highlight sharp details from areas that otherwise would be over- or underexposed.

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