COMX-ATOM-420 COM Express Module and MITX-ATOM-440 Mini-ITX Motherboard

Emerson Network Power introduced the COMX-ATOM-420 COM Express module and MITX-ATOM-440 Mini-ITX motherboard. The COMX-ATOM-420 and MITX-ATOM-440 embedded computing platforms are powered by the Intel N450, D410 and D510 Atom processors. Emerson’s COMX-ATOM-420 COM Express module and MITX-ATOM-440 Mini-ITX motherboard are ideal for digital signage, medical, industrial automation, and surveillance applications.

COMX-ATOM-420 COM Express module
Based on the Type 2 COM Express format, the Emerson COMX-ATOM-420 module is ideal for applications that need to incorporate state-of-the-art x86-based processor and graphics technology onto a custom I/O carrier. With two SO-DIMM sockets, it can be equipped with up to 2GB of DDR2 memory and can boot from an eUSB (ZU-130) flash device for rugged applications. The module drives both LVDS and simultaneous VGA displays and can also support up to eight additional peripheral devices via on-board USB 2.0 interfaces.

MITX-ATOM-440 Mini-ITX motherboard
The Emerson MITX-ATOM-440 motherboard is based on the 170 by 169 millimeter Mini-ITX form factor, providing engineers with a mix of processing and graphics capabilities without compromising efficient, cost-effective design. The motherboard can be equipped with up to 4GB of DDR2 memory, expandable via additional USB flash memory. It also supports dual-display operation from a combination of VGA, LVDS and DVI interfaces as well as a built-in touch screen interface. It features a PCI Express Minicard socket for an optional wireless Ethernet module for remote connectivity and has six on-board serial ports for legacy control and monitoring applications.

The COMX-ATOM-420 COM Express module and MITX-ATOM-440 Mini-ITX motherboard are configured with a wide range of built-in devices. They feature connectivity for LCD and CRT displays, SATA disks, PCI Express peripherals, Gigabit Ethernet networks, and USB devices/disks. In addition, interactions between low-level hardware and operating system-level interfaces are efficiently managed by the latest-generation Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) BIOS to ensure ease of use and outstanding reliability.

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