Korenix JetBox 9533G Networking PoE Router Computer

The Korenix JetBox 9533G is a 4-port Gigabit Embedded networking VPN Router computer for extended high-bandwidth data transmission in industrial networks. The JetBox 9533G features LAN, WAN, 8 DIO channels, Serial RS-232 Console, USB ports, and 4 PoE ports. The RISC-based computer includes Layer3 routing and VPN functionality. The JetBox 9533G is compliant with the IEEE802.3af PoE standard and operates as a power sourcing equipment to provide 15.4W power per port to higher resolution IP cameras, VoIP phones, Wireless Access Points and other PoE-enabled devices.

Korenix JetBox 9533G 4-port Gigabit Embedded networking VPN Router computerKorenix JetBox 9533G Features

  • 4-port Gigabit Ethernet
  • 48V PoE, 4 port, 15.4W per port
  • Intel IXP435 667MHz Networking Processor
  • Complete layer3 routing support: OSPF, RIP, DVMRP, IPv6
  • Full managed features with QoS, VLAN, PoE scheduling
  • Versatile interfaces of USB, DIO, SD control, and optional modules for RFID, WLAN and WiMax
  • Embedded Linux UI-Modulized Webmin, capable of running customized control programs
  • Cross-platform applications by JavaVM
  • Fanless and ruggedized industrial design for anti-vibration, anti-shock, and -25~70 °C operating temperature

JetBox 9533G supports VPN functionality. It can reduce system costs by establishing long-distance and secured network connections over WAN. With the DMVPN protocol, the computers can perform even morewhile allowing users to effectively build and manage dynamic overlay networks. The complete Layer 3 routing capabilities of JetBox 9533G, including the OSPF, IPv6, DVMRP, etc. help users to efficiently manage extended gigabit network groups in industrial environments.

JetBox 9533G is an ideal embedded Linux system for front-end industrial control applications. It can execute customized Linux programs or Java programs via the built-in JavaVM. JetBox 9533G supports the Korenix Auto-Run customization setting on SD card, allowing them to develop customized industrial control applications while making the industrial network management easier and more flexible.

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