STMicroelectronics FLI7510 System-on-Chip

STMicroelectronics introduced the FLI7510 full high-definition (FHD) H.264/MPEG System-on-Chip (SoC) ICs for the worldwide flat-panel digital TV (DTV) market. The FLI7510 is the first member of the new family (codenamed ‘Freeman’) of performance- and software-scalable SoCs, addressing mainstream and high-end segments of the DTV market. The FLI7510 is designed to meet the increasingly stringent system-energy consumption standards for ‘green’ consumer electronics equipment. The FLI7510 SoC is now sampling to qualified customers.

STMicroelectronics FLI7510 System-on-Chip (SoC)

STMicroelectronics FLI7510 SoC Features

  • ST231 @ 450 MHz for advanced high definition video decoding (H.264/VC-1/MPEG2/c) => Worldwide Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) broadcast video standards compatibility
  • Dual ST231 @ 450 MHz for advanced multichannel audio decoding (MPEG-1/2, MP3, WMA, DolbyR Digital/Dolby Digital+, AAC/AAC+/c) => Worldwide DTT broadcast
    audio standards compatibility
  • Dual ST40 CPU @ 450 MHz (delivers 1700+ DMIPS) runs Linux and OS21 => One CPU fully dedicated to application and user interface
  • FaroudjaR video processing for Main Video => Vivid picture quality for the consumer
  • 14-bit Advanced Color Management (3D) and Contrast processing => Ultimate video quality for OEMs and consumers
  • Award-winning DCDi, MADi technologies => Crystal-clear rendering on 1080p displays
  • Worldwide analog audio demodulator
  • Two physical graphics planes at up to 1080p / 32 bpp => Enables rich, easy-to-use user I/Fs
  • Extensive analog A/V and digital HDMI (x3) inputs => End-user convenience for legacy and future content source boxes
  • DVR support on Flash/HDD => Integration into DTV results in convenience and ease-of-use
  • Extensive connectivity (USB host controller and Ethernet MAC) => Play back content from anywhere in home or from Internet
  • Advanced security with trusted ST40 CPU and DRM support including HDCP, AES/3DES, CI/CI+ and DTCP-IP => Protects IP & content
  • 2 x 16 bits DDR2/DDR3 1066 Mbps DRAM I/F => Performance and flexibility with DRAM ICs
  • Dual high-speed 10-bit LVDS outputs => Convenient connectivity to panel TCON
  • Board Support Package (BSP) API accelerates time to market

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