GE Intelligent Platforms G4ADSP Rugged 6U VME Multi-Processor

GE Intelligent Platforms introduced the G4ADSP rugged 6U VME multiprocessor. The G4ADSP delivers improved processing performance with four Freescale MPC 7448 processors operating at up to 1.4GHz; improved memory performance through the inclusion of up to 2 GBytes of DDR memory; and improved I/O performance with the incorporation of four Gigabit Ethernet channels and PCI on P0. The G4DSP quad processor is designed for demanding applications such as radar, sonar, image processing, and communications.

GE Intelligent Platforms G4ADSP rugged 6U VME multiprocessor

G4ADSP Rugged Quad Processor Highlights

  • Four MPC7448 processors for demanding applications
  • Easy upgrade path for existing G4DSP designs
  • AXIS-enabled for faster time-to-market

The GE G4ADSP features one PCI port to P0, PCI-X to all four nodes and to both PMC sites, four serial ports, and support for VxWorks from Wind River Systems. The G4ADSP is available in five ruggedization levels to allow for development in benign environments and deployment in harsh environments, maximizing cost-effectiveness.

The G4ADSP is ‘AXIS-enabled’, meaning that it supports GE Intelligent Platforms’ AXIS Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software development environment. AXIS provides a quick start for application development and system evaluation with a suite of fully integrated modules for system development, visualization and deployment including example applications such as a distributed corner turn and stress tests.

AXISView provides an intuitive GUI for system visualisation and productivity tools that greatly reduce development time and time to market. AXISLib VSIPL and RSPL optimized DSP, math and function libraries provide a wide range of optimised functions for the PowerPC e600 / AltiVec platform. AXISFlow supports high through put, low latency, inter processor communication (IPC) across all system nodes to maximize system performance, and increase flexibility in the design of the most demanding signal and data processing applications.

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