Marvell ARMADA 300 Processor

Marvell launched the ARMADA 300 with 2.0 GHz performance. According to Marvell, the ARMADA 300 is the most powerful processor for applications utilizing the ARM instruction set. The ARMADA 300 extends the ARMADA family by including both Plug Computing server applications and new levels of advanced sensor processing for consumer devices. ARMADA 300 powered devices are designed for digital home applications and services.

The ARMADA family of application processors sets a new standard by offering PC-class performance enabled by Marvell’s patented CPU technology. Designed from the ground-up, Marvell’s best-in-class CPUs for the ARM instruction set are at the heart of each chip. Unlike other comparable, commercially available products in the industry, Marvell CPUs deliver higher performance and lower power dissipation while providing full software compatibility to all ARM-based applications.

The ARMADA 300 series offers more than 2.0 GHz processing horsepower in a sub 2W power envelope for the entire System on Chip — a level of performance never before seen with this class of processor — and the flexibility, interfaces and price points that fit the needs of today’s digital economy.

More info: Marvell