GE Intelligent Platforms RXMC-1553 XMC Module

GE Intelligent Platforms introduced the RoHS-compliant RXMC-1553 High Density XMC module. The RXMC-1553 is designed to provide unparalleled error detection and 100% monitoring of fully loaded buses. It is ideal for MIL-STD-1553 A/B Notice II applications and harsh environments. The RXMC-1553 module features either one or two dual-redundant channels, each of which is supported by 1 MByte of memory, and is conductively cooled for deployment. A conformally-coated version is also available.

GE Intelligent Platforms RXMC-1553 High Density XMC Module

GE Intelligent Platforms RXMC-1553 XMC Module Features

  • Choice of one or two dual-redundant channels
  • RoHS compliant
  • Advanced API for faster time to market
  • VxWorks and Windows support

Time to market is significantly reduced by the provision of the source code of an advanced API (Application Programming Interface) for both Windows XP/2000/NT and Wind River’s VxWorks. For engineers requiring access to the XMC’s 1553 functionality without the need to develop software, GE Intelligent Platforms’ BusTools/1553 bus analysis, simulation and data logging/monitoring solution is available.

RXMC-1553 multi-function interfaces are easily configured to operate with simultaneous Bus Controller, up to 31 Remote Terminals and Bus Monitor functionality. Single-function RXMC-1553 interfaces have all the features and functionality of the multi-function versions, but only one major operational mode is enabled at a time. Each interface can emulate either a Bus Controller or up to 31 Remote Terminals or a Bus Monitor.

Standard features of the RXMC-1553 include 45-bit, microsecond message time tagging, triggers, extensive BC & RT link-list structures, error injection/detection, IRIG-B signal receiver/generator with GPS synchronization, automatic/manual RT status bit and mode code responses, along with advanced BC functionality. Avionics low and high side discrete channels, RS-485 differential discrete channels, or programmable I/O are factory configurable options.

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