HEM Data Mini ADAC Data Logger

HEM Data launched the Mini ADAC data logger. According to HEM Data, the Mini ADAC is the industry’s smallest, multi-function data logger. The 8 channel logger acquires a variety of inputs including voltages, currents, temperatures, and converts pulses to counter/timer signals. Its small size means it is easy to install for in-vehicle testing and other field testing applications. The Mini ADAC Logger works well for a wide range of applications including performance, monitoring, R&D, and duty cycle measurements. Its on-board storage is a 2GB Micro SD card.

HEM Data Mini ADAC Compact Multi-Function Data Logger

The Mini ADAC Logger’s A/D is 16 bits with a maximum rate of 100 samples/sec per channel. The 8 channels are single-ended. The standard voltage ranges are 0-5V and 0-36V. Other voltage ranges can be ordered. Temperature inputs are K type thermocouples. Current range is 0-40mA. Each channel is configured independently. Up to two channels can be configured as counter/timers. An option is a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer.

A Windows user-interface allows easy configuration of the logger without any programming using flowcharts, tables and dialogs. The Windows software also provides the option to acquire and display real-time data on a PC and configures the stand-alone logger with the parameters to acquire. The software also displays the data as a post process. Computer interface options include USB, Wi-Fi, and an optional cellular modem with GPS.

The size is 120mm x 65mm x 40mm. Operating temperature is -40 to +70C. Operating voltage is 6 to 40V. Supply current is 30mA and power draw while sleeping is 5mA @ 12VDC. Input impedance is 100kohm. Four connectors handle two input signals. One connector is for power and another is for USB for a total of six connectors. It has a low power mode when shutdown and a 1 year warranty.

An optional companion product, the DAWN Mini Logger, acquires CAN (Controller Area Network) data from the in-vehicle network to acquire automotive OBD and Enhanced Diagnostic data, and the J1939 heavy duty protocol. Together the Mini ADAC Logger and DAWN Mini Logger simultaneously acquire analog and in-vehicle network data.

More info: HEM Data Corporation