Sigasi HDT is an Intelligent Development Environment for VHDL

Sigasi HDT is an Intelligent Development Environment (IDE) for VHDL. The design tool will be available on January 13, 2010. Pricing will be €499 for a one year, single seat subscription license. In the mean time, the tool continues to be available for free in the public beta program. Existing beta customers are offered a discount and will be upgraded automatically. Sigasi HDT will be sold, distributed and supported over the internet, using the same infrastructure that has been employed since May 2009 for the public beta program.

Sigasi HDT Intelligent Development Environment (IDE) for VHDL

Sigasi HDT Features

  • Intelligent navigation
    Navigate to any VHDL object in the design by selecting it in a hierarchical view. Or directly navigate from an object to its declaration
  • Instant error reporting
    Get immediate feedback on errors introduced by a modification
  • Intelligent code completion
    Use the tool to assist in completing VHDL constructs based on its knowledge of the design
  • Quickfixes
    Fix errors by using a quickfix proposed by the tool
  • Refactoring
    Use the tool to make sophisticated code transformations that maintain the behavior of the design

Sigasi HDT (Hardware Development Toolkit) is built upon the Eclipse platform and contains an ultra-fast VHDL parser and compiler. As a result, the tool fully understands a design in terms of VHDL concepts. Sigasi HDT drastically increases the productivity of VHDL designers by helping them to write, review and reuse their designs in an intuitive way.

More info: Sigasi