NEC 78K0/KE2-C and 78K0/KC2-C Flash Microcontrollers

NEC Electronics introduced the 78K0/KC2-C (three 48-pin variants) and 78K0/KE2-C (three 64-pin variants) 8-bit All Flash microcontrollers (MCUs). The 78K0/KE2-C and 78K0/KC2-C microcontrollers feature with built-in CEC (consumer electronic control) controller and embedded flash memory. The new MCUs enable interdependent control of digital audio/video (AV) applications such as flat-panel TVs and Blu-ray disc players. NEC Electronics’ new MCUs with on-chip CEC controllers allow the CPU to be powered off during standby mode and speed up CEC and HDMI certification process while reducing power consumption and the need to develop custom software.

Samples of the new MCUs begam last month. Pricing varies depending on memory capacity, package, and number of pins. For example, 78K0/KE2-C MCU with 60 KB of Flash memory and 3 KB of RAM equipped on a QFP package with 64-pins is priced at U.S. $ 4 per unit. Mass production of these new products is scheduled to begin in June 2010, and is expected to reach a monthly production of 2,000,000 units by September 2010.

NEC 78K0/KE2-C and 78K0/KC2-C Microcontrollers Features

  • Reduced operating power and system cost with built-in CEC controller
    NEC Electronics’ new MCUs with on-chip CEC controller enable signal processing to be performed in hardware, which simplifies software processing and conserves memory utilization, peripheral functions, and CPU resources. Through these improvements, when the system is powered off in standby mode, the CPU remains de-activated, enabling the standby current to be lowered to approximately 10 µA, which is only 0.2 percent of the company’s previous products.
  • Enhanced system operability
    Unlike conventional offerings that require separate software for CEC controller, NEC Electronics’ new MCUs eases system design complexity through simultaneous processing of CEC and remote control signals, supported by on-chip CEC controller and remote control receiver.
  • Comprehensive lineup of development tools
    NEC Electronics provides wide variety of development tools along with the new MCUs, including evaluation boards and on-chip debuggers. The new MCUs also support “CEC Viewer” software the system designers can use to simulate sample programs.

More info: NEC Electronics