Renesas R8A20410BG Ternary Content Addressable Memory

Renesas Technology America announced the R8A20410BG, which is the first member of the TCAM (Ternary CAM) Series. The R8A20410BG TCAM has a capacity of 20 Mbits and a high-speed search performance of up to 360 MSPS (mega-searches per second)/Table. The R8A20410BG allows expansion up to 40 Mbits through cascade connections. The package is a 576-pin FCBGA (flip chip BGA) measuring 27 mm × 27 mm. Sample shipments will begin this month.

R8A20410BG TCAM Features

  • Renesas Technology’s patented CAM cells and search circuits have a proven track record and deliver high-speed search capability combined with ultra-low-power consumption. For example, at a clock frequency of 360 MHz, the search processing performance is 360 MSPS/Table, the highest level in the industry today. This makes it possible to design communications equipment offering superior performance.
  • Flexible search conditions to accommodate a broad range of applications. Flexible search conditions allow the search bit length to be set to 40L/H, 80, 160, 320, 480, or 640 bits. In addition, functions such as four parallel independent search engines significantly increase look-up performance and provide support for a wide range of network applications.
  • Interoperability with Xelerated’s HX family of NPUs. The Renesas R8A20410BG TCAM is designed to seamlessly interwork with NPUs. The TCAM will be fully interoperable with Xelerated’s HX family of high-performance network processors. Renesas is increasing the number of NPUs, which the R8A20410BG interoperates with, to provide a wide range of packet processing.

TCAM is a type of memory in which each memory cell can store three data states: 0, 1, and X (“Don’t Care”). It is suitable for applications such as networking equipment because it achieves deterministic, high-speed searches by using simultaneous parallel operation to compare data strings input from an external device with data strings stored in the memory and outputting the matches. As the use of networks, typified by the Internet, has spread widely in recent years, attention has focused on TCAMs as a key device for increasing the speed of packet forwarding (packet data transfers) by networking equipment by enabling high-speed lookup of destinations, etc., for large volumes of information during packet data transfers.

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