Renesas MS7724 Multimedia Platform for SH-Mobile R2R

The MS7724 is the first product in the Renesas Multimedia Solution line of system development Linux platforms. Each features an SH-Mobile R Series application processor; provides enhanced functionality, reduced cost, and greater compactness than previous evaluation and development boards; and includes Linux software necessary for system development in a single package. The first product to be released is the MS7724 platform for the SH-Mobile R2R (SH7724). Shipments began last month in Japan.

Renesas MS7724 Multimedia Linux Platform for SH-Mobile R2R (SH7724)

The MS7724 provides improved functionality, a compact area that is approximately 60% that of previous products, and lower cost in comparison with earlier evaluation and development boards. In addition, the MS7724 includes software for developing systems running the Linux OS, which is widely used in the application fields of the SH-Mobile R2R (SH7724), including navigation systems with support for terrestrial digital broadcasts, portable media players, and IP Security cameras. This enables evaluation of the device immediately after purchase, contributing to shorter system development cycles and more timely release of products to the market.

MS7724 Features

  • Very low price is approximately 35% that of comparable earlier Renesas Technology products
    The MS7724 exceeds the functionality and performance of current evaluation and development boards incorporating the SH-Mobile R Series, while achieving a smaller area that is only about 40% that of its predecessors and a very low price that is approximately 35% that of earlier Renesas Technology products. This contributes to a reduction in overall system development costs; for example, by enabling customers to purchase multiple boards to shorten development cycles.

  • Package including software resources required for development of systems running Linux OS
    The MS7724 includes, at no additional cost as part of the package, a Linux kernel, board support package (BSP=device drivers), video middleware, and sample applications to enable customers to develop systems incorporating the SH-Mobile R2R (SH7724) and running the Linux OS. This means that customers who purchased the MS7724 can immediately commence SH-Mobile R2R (SH7724) device evaluation and system development work, thereby reducing the amount of time required to develop a system. The sample application is a complete software program supporting implementation of an IP security camera. It encodes video captured by a camera in H.264 format using the SH7724 hardware, then transfers the resulting signal from the Ethernet interface of the SH7724 to a LAN network or display device via an HTTP server.

  • Extended functions for greater flexibility

    • Encoding (recording) and decoding (playback) of HD video (1,280 × 720 pixels) at 30 frames per second (fps)
    • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet MAC
    • Camera input pins for two channels to support systems requiring input from two cameras, such as security cameras or Event Data Recorder (EDR)
    • Power over Ethernet (PoE) function utilizing 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interface. This allows power to be supplied via a LAN cable and eliminates the need for an AC adapter.
    • Three-axis motion sensor to detect the orientation of the board and movement
    • DVI (Digital Visual Interface), an interface designed to provide maximum picture quality on digital display devices, for connecting to an LCD controller
    • LCD board
      A 7-inch WVGA TFT LCD (800 × 480 pixels) with resistive touch-panel functionality that is useful for developing an intuitive user interface. It is configured to mount on top of the main board, which is roughly the same size.
    • Camera boards
      This set of two boards incorporates a 3.2-megapixel 1/4-inch CMOS image sensor and a camera module with an autofocus function. It is capable of capturing video in HD format.
  • Environmental considerations
    With the environment in mind, neither the MS7724, nor its packaging, contain toxic substances. All materials used comply with the RoHS Directive. The MS7724 is both compact in size and environmentally friendly.

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