GEMexpress Universal TFT/OLED Display Driver Board

Amulet Technologies introduced the GEMexpress universal TFT/OLED display driver board. According to Amulet Technologies, the GEMexpress is the fastest, most inexpensive production solution for adding a GUI to an embedded product. GEMexpress can interface to virtually any display, allowing for greater design flexibility, and a shorter time to market. The board targets small to medium size OEMs integrating GUIs to any embedded product. GEMexpress display driver boards are available now for $110 USD.

GEMexpress is highly integrated (a six-layer PCBA) and measures 1.5″ x 3.0″. It is composed of Amulet’s GEM Graphical OS Chip for color displays and those parts required to support this chip. Amulet’s chip includes the LCD controller, touch panel decoder, ARM7 processor, and a Graphical Operating System in silicon, which manages the entire user interface (off-loading this burden from the host processor).

GEMexpress also includes a 32 megabit serial flash for storing GUI pages, 64 megabit SDRAM (frame buffer), an integrated 4 or 5 wire touch panel decoder, a dedicated crystal and necessary power management devices. The GUI is easy to program and is the only product on the market programmed with an HTML editor or GEMstudio, Amulet’s new GUI design tool.

GEMexpress is a whole new hardware approach to graphic user interface integration. There is much less engineering work when integrating a GUI using the GEMexpress board compared to the traditional approach of designing in an LCD controller chip, thus designers save a lot of time and cut costs. Designers can be in production as fast as choosing a display and integrating it with GEMexpress. No messing with costly board designs.

More info: Amulet Technologies