AppliedMicro Power Architecture 405 and 460 Low Power Processors

AppliedMicro introduced low-power versions of the Power Architecture 405EX, 405EXr, 460EX, 460EXr, and 460GT microprocessors. The new processors have been optimized for low-power consumption (consume up to 40% less power for a variety of embedded applications). The low-power versions of AppliedMicro’s Power Architecture 405EX, 405EXr, 460EX, 460EXr, and 460GT microprocessors are now available in production quantities.

AppliedMicro low-power versions of the Power Architecture 405EX, 405EXr, 460EX, 460EXr, and 460GT microprocessorsAppliedMicro’s low-power Power Architecture 405 and 460 processors enables energy efficiency for embedded systems without sacrificing performance. The new versions of the processors offer identical functionality and performance with the advantage of low power consumption to enable system designers to reduce their energy consumption and meet environmentally-conscious goals.

The new low-power processor family members offer up to 40% lower worst case power consumption and an improvement of about 20% in typical power consumption. For example, the Power Architecture 405EXr, which finds application in wireless LAN access points as well as NAS storage systems and media gateways, now offers a maximum worst case active power consumption of just over 2 watts, a reduction of almost 1.5 watts, or 40%.

AppliedMicro’s Power Architecture 405EX and 405EXr processors are designed into 802.11 wireless access points, WiMAX base stations and general networking and embedded systems. The 405EX offers core frequencies up to 600MHz along with a multitude of industry-standard interfaces including DDR2 SDRAM, two gigabit Ethernet, and two PCI-Express interfaces.

The Power Architecture 460EX/EXr/GT processors are designed for enterprise and carrier-class switching and routing equipment, multi-function printers and industrial applications. The 460-based devices offer speeds up to 1.2 GHz, a 256KB L2 cache, and an integrated floating-point unit. The 460EX/GT offers up to four gigabit Ethernet interfaces, two PCI-Express interfaces, legacy PCI support, two USB 2.0 interfaces, a SATA controller, hardware-RAID acceleration and Kasumi encryption/decryption. Both the 405EX/EXr and the 460 devices have a hardware-based crypto-engine for data security acceleration.

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