WIN PL-80100 Networking Platform with Intel Xeon Multicore Processor

WIN Enterprises introduced the PL-80100, which is a 2U server-grade platform. The PL-80100 features Intel 5300 Series technology, 10 Gigabit Ethernet (2x), and support for a range of high-performance Intel Xeon processors for OEM solutions. PL-80100 supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP 64. FreeBSD and additional Linux versions are supported. Pricing for the PL-80100 in OEM quantities begins at $2500. Price does not include the processors or memory. PL-80100 is available in evaluation quantities now.

WIN Enterprises PL-80100 Networking Platform with Intel Xeon Multicore Processor

WIN Enterprises PL-80100 Features

  • Supports Dual Intel 45nm Xeon (Nehalem) processor with 2 to 6 cores per CPU
  • Intel 5520 + ICH10R (Tylersburg-36D / TBG-36D) chipset
  • Max 24 GbE ports via four PCI-e x8
  • Supports two ports 10GbE with Intel 82599 controller
  • Offers optional hardware-based cryptographic acceleration
  • Maximum of 24x GbE ports
  • Maximum 24GB LAN
  • DDR3 1333/1066/800MHz system memory

The PL-80100 features the Intel 5520 chipset (Tylersburg), which supports two socketed processors of the Intel Xeon Processor 5500 Series. The device employs Intel QuickPath Interconnect (QPI), Intel’s new point-to-point interconnect technology to provide high bandwidth, low latency communications between the processors and chipset. The chipset delivers up to 32 lanes of PCI Express 2.0.

The Intel Xeon processor 5000 family ranges across two, four, six, and in 2010, eight processing cores per integrated circuit (IC) die. In the case of the quad-core processor solution, the PL-80100 provides 12 (i.e., three channels per CPU) 1333/1066/800MHz DDR3 system memory slots which support ECC and parity protection for internal data paths. Two versions of the unit are available. One offers 10x RJ45 LAN ports with eight GbE LAN ports and two ports of 10 GbE performance. The second version offers 24x GbE LAN ports.

Designed for the Enterprise market, the PL-80100 provides a 1+1 redundant power supply, hot swappable HDD trays and system fan module to address server grade requirements. A modularized expansion system enables the PL-80100 to offer many different connectivity options, such as 10x Gigabit SFP+, Gigabit copper (by-pass function for option), Gigabit fiber (by-pass function optional) and other combinations. The maximum LAN capacity for the unit is 24 GbE ports. The PL-80100 is ideal for network service applications.

More info: WIN Enterprises