Fresco Microchip FM1151 Receiver for Analog Digital Hybrid Television

Fresco Microchip luanched the FM1151, which is a single-chip solution that delivers fully integrated universal analog audio/video demodulation (NTSC, PAL, SECAM) and digital IF processing for the global hybrid terrestrial (DVB-T/T2, ATSC, ISDB-T, DTMB) and cable (DVB-C/ITU J.83) television markets. The FM1151 lowers system solution costs and offers excellent television performance. The FM1151 is in production now and samples are available to qualified customers.

Fresco’s FM1151 is fully compatible with standard and non-standard audio/video analog and digital broadcasts. Integrating Fresco’s agileSP architecture, the FM1151 features extended smearing and ringing reduction for the highest possible visual clarity. The Fresco FM1151 enables tuner manufacturers to customize picture quality. The chip accepts the intermediate frequency (IF) output directly from CAN and silicon tuners and demodulates worldwide legacy audio/video (WAVe) to generate analog CVBS video with SIF or MONO audio. The digital IF output is compatible with a broad range of standard downstream digital demodulators.

Hybrid (analog + digital) television markets around the world continue to experience unprecedented levels of growth across a broad range of consumer electronics, including televisions, DVD-Rs, PVRs, and set-top boxes. In established markets like Europe and the U.S. where the analog off-air shutoff is well underway or complete, consumers continue to need televisions which simultaneously support analog and digital cable reception. Emerging markets like China, India, Taiwan, Russia, Brazil, South-East Asia, and the Middle East are at the early stages of the digital transition, paving the way for explosive growth for hybrid televisions.

In addition to the FM1151, the FM1100 family includes the field-proven FM1150 for hybrid DVB/DTMB and the FM1050 for analog only broadcast markets. Using Fresco’s revolutionary iSAW technology, analog A/V demodulation and universal 6/7/8 MHz SAW filter functionality is integrated into a single IC, eliminating multiple external components required in alternative solutions. The FM1100 family features Fresco’s industry-leading adjacent channel rejection, which provides more reliable and broader television reception coverage throughout the home than previously possible. All chips in the FM1100 family feature an ultra-low profile and the same pin-compatible 5x5mm package, enabling tuner manufacturers to achieve new levels of miniaturization required for ultra-slim television applications.

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