SYSGO Board Support Package for Freescale i.MX25 Platform Development Kit

SYSGO announced board support package for the Freescale i.MX25 Platform Development Kit. The SYSGO’s board support package features multimedia, high speed, low power consumption, and the ELinOS professional grade Linux for the rapid development of demanding high reliability applications. ELinOS 5.0 with support for the Freescale i.MX25 processors is available now. ELinOS 5.0 is available for Linux and Windows hosted platforms.

The i.MX25 family of multimedia applications processors extends Freescale’s ARM9 portfolio by integrating many new features for the industrial and general embedded markets and by committing to ship these processors for at least 15 years from time of launch. When coupled with SYSGO’s ELinOS industrial grade Linux operating system, the i.MX25 provides an ideal platform for challenging multimedia applications. Both technologies have been designed to support evolving, long-life applications, minimizing costly redesign.

In addition to the benefits of up to 400 MHz clock speed of the ARM926EJ-S core, the ELinOS board support package gives programmers access to the connectivity of the i.MX25 processor family, such as Ethernet, USB, CAN, UART, SPI and an SVGA graphics controller. Because the i.MX family was originally designed for hand-held battery-powered applications, i.MX25 consumes less than 1 W under worst case conditions. This helps engineers reduce their overall system bill of materials cost and power consumption. The i.MX258 processor provides additional security features making it the ideal solution for payment terminal (POS), or any other type of product needing secure system boot and tamper detection.

ELinOS is a comprehensive development environment for embedded Linux software development. Unlike traditional Linux implementations, SYSGO’s ELinOS is purpose-built for use in demanding industrial applications. SYSGO brings 15+ years of field expertise to make an embedded Linux offering ideal for real-world complex applications, and to back it up with world-class support. Many BSPs corresponding to the most successful boards on the market are included as well as BSPs for virtualization engines such as QEMU and VMware, or for the other SYSGO flagship product PikeOS. Besides the x86 version, ELinOS also supports PowerPC-, ARM-, MIPS-, and SH-platforms.

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