Emerson Ruggedized MVME4100 and MVME7100 VMEbus Single Board Computers

Emerson Network Power introduced ruggedized models of their MVME4100 and MVME7100 VMEbus boards. The ruggedized single board computers (SBCs) support a wider range of operating and storage temperatures in addition to increased tolerances for shock and vibration. This enables the boards to operate in harsh environments while maintaining structural and operational integrity. The new boards are also completely software compatible with the original models to ensure convenient interoperability.

The ruggedized models of the MVME4100 and MVME7100 VMEbus boards are ideal for industrial and military/aerospace applications, including UAVs, C4ISR, radar/sonar, navigation systems, railway signal control, passenger information systems, remote work stations, and robotics.

The extended temperature models feature an operating temperature range of minus 40 to plus 71 degrees Celsius (a big increase over the standard models’ zero to plus 55 degrees range). Acceptable storage temperatures have also been increased, safely accommodating environments from minus 50 to plus 100 degrees Celsius. Both models are capable of withstanding up to 10 G of vibration (5 to 2000 Hz) and can withstand an 11 millisecond shock of up to 30 G. Both boards can also now reliably operate in relative humidity of up to 100 percent.

Emerson Network Power’s ruggedized MVME4100 and MVME7100 VMEbus single-board computers integrate advanced system-on-chip processors, robust storage options, extensive I/O, and flexible expansion capabilities to deliver high performance and security for some of the most demanding precision applications in extreme environments.

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