MSC Q7-MB-EP1 Embedded Platform for Qseven Systems

MSC Vertriebs’ MSC Q7-MB-EP1 embedded platform is designed for the development of embedded systems based on a power saving Qseven module. The baseboard is ready-to-use for small and medium production quantities in order to save extensive in-house development. The 3.5″ modules are mounted via a MXM connection on the baseboard. MSC Vertriebs offers three types of the MSC Q7-US15W Qseven module based on an Intel Atom processor varying in main features like CPU performance and number of SATA ports and PCI Express x1 lanes. The scalable computer-on-modules are ideal for mobile, battery-operated, and fanless systems.

MSC Q7-MB-EP1 embedded platform - MSC Vertriebs

The MSC Q7-MB-EP1 embedded platform features two USB 2.0 ports, one mini-USB port, audio, a serial interface (D-Sub connector), and Gbit LAN on the front side. For the integration of a variety of different displays, the baseboard includes a VGA standard display interface, LVDS, and a backlight interface. MSC offerrs read-to-use cable sets for a large selection of TFT displays using LVDS and external backlight inverters. The platform integrates a 4/5 wired resistive touch controller for the connection of a touch screen.

The baseboard can be configured individually by engineers. A Mini PCI Express card holder is integrated on the board for the implementation of e.g. wireless LAN support and flash memory extensions. The platform can also be customized by two internal USB ports and via the integrated MMC/SD card slot. MSC offers boot support for MMC/SD cards under Linux.

The 4-pin power connector for 10 – 28VDC power supply supports battery operation and the static operation in an industrial environment of the MSC Q7-MB-EP1 platform.

The board support package for both Windows XP and Linux can be downloaded.

More info: MSC Vertriebs