MontaVista Stack Connects Dell Latitude ON

MontaVista Software teamed with Dell to develop the software stack for Latitude ON, which is an instant, always on connection to email, Web, contacts, and calendar. The software stack is built on the MontaVista Montabello MID platform. The stack provides the advanced power management, fast startup, and connectivity management required by Latitude ON users.

Latitude ON Highlights

  • Provides support for ARM processor in the Latitude ON
  • Based on the MontaVista Montabello MID platform
  • Supports Dell Latitude Z and E4200/4300 laptops
  • Instant ON: Fast operating system boot with instant resume in under one second
  • Always ON: Optimized for days-long battery life using dynamic power management
  • Always CONNECTED: Connection management with seamless roaming on Wi-Fi and 3G networks with Auto VPN and fully integrated Bluetooth
  • Business user focused mobile application suite which includes a web browser, document reader, email client, contact manager, calendar, and more
  • Email client support for POP, IMAP and Exchange
  • Document reader capability for .doc, .xls, .ppt, and .pdf formats
  • Citrix Receiver support for remote corporate connectivity

Latitude ON represents the convergence of laptop productivity with instant “on” convenience and multi-day battery life in idle mode. Available on the Dell Latitude Z, E4200 and E4300, it includes an ARM processor and MontaVista-based Linux operating system that delivers instant, interactive access to email, the Web, contacts, attachments, and calendars. Latitude ON enables users to stay connected and utilizes the laptop’s keyboard and display for enhanced usability.

More info: MontaVista Software