G.PAK Voice-over-Packet DSP Framework for TI TMS320C6472 Multicore DSP

Adaptive Digital Technologies introduced integration-ready DSP solutions for high-end voice applications.The DSP software solutions leverage Texas Instruments’ (TI) TMS320C6472 six-core digital signal processor. The solution enables engineers to implement high-density, multi-channel, voice-over-packet applications in the shortest possible time with maximum processing performance. Product developers can minimize solution development time while maximizing the power efficiency of their VoIP applications.

G.PAK Solution for TI C6472 DSP

  • 6 C64X+ Megamodules (cores)
  • Each Core: 500 MHz, 32 KB L1PRAM, 32 KB L1D RAM, 608 KB L2 RAM3
  • TSIP (Telecom Serial Ports) — these replace McBSPs
  • 32 bit DDR2 @ 533 MHz2 10/100/1000 Mb/s EMACs

Adaptive Digital’s DSP software solutions address the need for high-density, VoIP, and traditional telecommunications applications. The implementation-ready application solutions include high-density VoIP, AT&T-certified G.168 echo cancellation, conferencing, and transcoding. The solutions are turn-key, but also include host API software to simplify the process of integrating a host processor with the DSP application. The result is fast time to market. By porting G.PAK Voice-over-packet DSP software solution framework, and its application specific software and chips, Adaptive Digital is enabling developers to immediately take advantage of TI’s newest multicore device.

The combination of TI’s C6472 multi-core DSP and Adaptive Digital’s field-tested algorithms and G.PAK framework provide a solid foundation for the development of high-quality, differentiated telecom products. Manufacturers of sophisticated telecom applications can now achieve maximum product capability in conjunction with the best power efficiency.

The C6472 high-performance multicore DSP is targeted at process-intensive applications requiring low-power consumption, such as high-end industrial VoIP gateways, wireless media gateways, and remote access servers. Designed with these memory intensive telephony infrastructure applications in mind, TI’s C6472 expansive on-chip available memory eliminates the need for external memory, therefore reducing system power dissipation and improving the cost effectiveness of the equipment.

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