Korenix JetBox 9430-w Embedded Networking Computer

Korenix rolled out the JetBox 9430-w Intelligent Linux Ready Embedded Networking Computer. The Korenix JetBox 9430-w includes Layer 3 routing capabilities for efficiently managing extended network groups in industrial environments. It is ideal for large network infrastructures in open-pit mines, substations, railcars, public utilities, and other severe industrial applications. The JetBox 9430-w RISC-based computer features four LAN, one WAN, three USB, eight DIO, serial console ports, advanced QoS, and VLAN management.

Korenix JetBox 9430-w Embedded Networking ComputerKorenix JetBox 9430-w Features

  • Intel IXP435 667MHz with Networking Processor to enhance routing and VPN performance
  • Complete Layer3 routing support: OSPF, RIP, DVMRP, IPv6
  • Full managed features with QoS, VLAN
  • Versatile interfaces of USB, DIO, CF/SD card slot
  • Linux ready platform with Linux UI Webmin (optional), programmable
  • DC 12~48V power input
  • Fan-less and Ruggedized Industrial Design for anti-vibration/shock and -40~80 C wide temperature operation

Designed with complete Layer 3 Routing features, the JetBox 9430-w is capable of inspecting incoming packets and makes dynamic routing decisions based on the source and destination addresses inside to achieve a better network group management. With a built-in OSPF it ensures the automatic failover of WAN connection in case of a primary link failure.

JetBox 9430-w supports VPN functionality and works as a VPN gateway to mitigate the risks of malicious intrusion and to establish a secure mechanism of users’ identity while expanding networking capabilities and reducing system costs. The Linux based single board computer enables the VPN function working effectively in Linux as well as cross windows systems. Furthermore, with the built-in Java VM it allows for easy development of a Java-based VPN server application. For even more flexibility, the JetBox 9430-w supports DMVPN, the enhancement of VPN protocol and the effective solution for dynamic secure overlay network construction and management.

In addition to Layer 3 router functionalities, JetBox 9430-w is a wonderful embedded Linux system for front-end industrial control applications. It can execute customized Linux programs or Java programs via the built-in JavaVM. Besides, it provides a user-friendly web UI — Webmin for Linux beginners to easily manipulate the network or device related settings. Moreover, JetBox 9430-w supports the Korenix Auto-Run customization setting on SD card, which allows users to develop customized industrial control applications while making the industrial network management easier and more flexible.

By consolidating industrial Linux Computer, Layer 3 Router, Managed Ethernet Switch and Digital I/O controller functionalities into an all-in-one solution, the JetBox 9430-w rugged embedded networking computer substitutes a number of single-function devices in a front-end control box, as a result simplifying system architecture, reducing the installation / maintenance costs and becoming the perfect networking device for harsh industrial applications.

More info: Korenix Technology