Rabbit MiniCore Ethernet RCM5760 and Wi-Fi RCM5650W Networking Modules

Rabbit introduced the MiniCore Ethernet RCM5760 and Wi-Fi RCM5650W networking modules. The RCM5760 and RCM5650W modules feature increased memory for data intensive applications such as building automation and security applications where it is necessary to store large amounts of data. The MiniCore modules also enable designers to wirelessly update firmware from anywhere an Internet connection is available to reduce maintenance costs. The Ethernet RCM5700 kit is available now for $99. The Wi-Fi RCM5600W kit is available now for a promotional price of $99.

The Rabbit MiniCore family provides a rich embedded feature set on an ultra-compact mini PCI Express form factor. Its small size makes it easy for customers to place wired or wireless network connectivity anywhere on a mother board. The family includes the pin compatible and interchangeable wired RCM5700, Wi-Fi RCM5600W, wired RCM5760 and Wi-Fi RCM5650W. Systems developers can easily interchange MiniCore family products to tailor connectivity for any given application.

Rabbit MiniCore products feature 10/100 Base-T Ethernet and secure 802.11 b/g with WPA2 and 802.11i compliance for the highest levels of security. It also features up to 640 KB SRAM data storage, one MB flash memory for program storage and two MB serial flash for mass storage. Depending on the version, MiniCore modules include up to 32 GPIO, six serial ports, a serial-to-Ethernet bridge, an embedded Web server for greater application control monitoring, and wireless remote firmware update functionality.

More info: Rabbit MiniCores