STMicroelectronics SRi2K Contactless Memory IC

STMicroelectronics announced the SRi2K 2-Kbit IC that enables contactless tickets to manage access to multiple services. The SRi2K is certified for one million erase/rewrite cycles and 40-year data retention. Mass production is scheduled for this month. The SRi2K chip is offered as bare die for embedding directly in smart tickets or in unsingulated wafer form. The ICs are priced at $0.15 each for 100,000 units and above.

The SRi2K features integrated RFID circuitry operating at the standard 13.56MHz carrier frequency and meeting all applicable international standards including ISO 14443-2/3 covering interfaces and data formatting. The IC also allows the implementation of security schemes, based on its unique 64-bit ID as well as lockable memory blocks.

An 8-bit anti-collision mechanism based on the chip ID allows large numbers of contactless tickets to co-exist without interfering. The chip’s fast memory-access time and 106-Kbit/s data rate enable rapid communication between the ticket and reader, to speed up each transaction. For optimum reliability the SRi2K features unparalleled dual 32-bit decrementing counters to prevent data loss, known as ticket tearing, in the event of power-failure while the ticket is being debited.

The SRi2K features a large on-chip memory of 2-Kbit density alongside RFID circuitry. This enlarged data capacity enables e-tickets to become more intelligent and flexible, to support changing lifestyles and to enable services such as transportation to become more efficient. The SRi2K can offers seamless access to transport modes such as bus, train, tram, taxi or cycle hire, for example, with one e-ticket. Due to its flexibility and enhanced features, the SRi2K is also ideal for access control, event ticketing, vending machines, and theme park applications.

The SRi2K has four times more data storage than ST’s SRi512 and SRT512 RFID ICs, which are being used in contactless ticketing applications worldwide.

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