McObject eXtremeDB 4.0 Real-Time Embedded Database Systems

McObject introduced version 4.0 of eXtremeDB. Using McObject’s eXtremeDB, developers eliminate the need to create custom data management code, reducing development and support costs for real-time systems and gaining higher performance. McObject 4.0 is ideal for a wide array of markets including financial services, industrial control, defense and aerospace, web services, telecommunications, and consumer electronics.

McObject eXtremeDB 4.0 Enhancements

  • Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) Transaction Manager
    eXtremeDB’s new option for regulating access to the database eliminates “locking.” Now, companies can dramatically improve scalability and performance, especially in applications with many tasks or processes, and on multi-core systems.
  • New Index Structures
    eXtremeDB 4.0 adds support for the KD Tree, a data index that eases development, accelerates data processing and enables developers to add highly efficient query features.
  • Data Index Algorithms
    Algorithms in eXtremeDB 4.0 are optimized for the MVCC Transaction Manager and deliver faster performance.
  • Logical Database Devices
    McObject’s new release introduces the concept of logical database devices, which simplifies commands to create a database, whether in memory or on persistent storage, or both. The new feature also adds techniques for performance optimization and database recovery when working with two or more storage devices, be they spinning disks or Solid State Disks.
  • New Application Programming Interface (API)
    eXtremeDB 4.0 expands an already-large developer toolset with a new Uniform Database Access API. This “one size fits all” function library is fast (native to C/C++) and can be used across all projects. eXtremeDB also provides a project-specific native interface, as well as APIs supporting industry-standard SQL.

For manufacturers, eXtremeDB’s frugal appetite for memory and CPU cycles lowers hardware costs, resulting in savings that drop to the bottom line — or can be used to reduce end-user price, to gain market share. Whether handling critical data for a combat jet’s navigation system or managing a real-time Web application for financial services, eXtremeDB offers multiple features (from a type-safe programming interface to an optional High Availability database subsystem) to build in rock-solid reliability, durability, and data integrity.

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