Tekmicro QuiXstore UWB Data Recorder

The Tekmicro QuiXstore UWB Data Recorder is designed to meet the needs of demanding sensor-processing applications across a range of environments. Engineers can custom-configure an off-the-shelf data recorder, tailoring the system for specific program requirements. QuiXstore UWB offers a data recording rate of 1.8 GB/s per slot and can be configured to record data from a wide range of FPGA-based VXS payload boards. The QuiXstore systems are available as fully integrated systems with front-end data sources from the Tekmicro Quixilica digitizer cards.

Tekmicro QuiXstore UWB Data Recorder

Tekmicro QuiXstore UWB Data Recorder Features

  • Industry-leading recorder density in a single 6U slot
  • Scalable data rates and storage capacity
  • Recording rates from 180 MB/s to 1.8 GB/s per board
  • User definable front end selection (RF and Digital)
  • RAID storage capacities from under 1 TB to 48++ TB
  • Standard FAT32 filesystem
  • Recorded data accessible directly from Windows/Linux PC
  • QuiXstore UWB ControlCenter software allows control of multiple recorders from a single GUI application
  • C++ API allows recording control directly from customer applications

QuiXstore UWB uses the ANSI/VITA 41 (VXS) switched architecture standard to provide high-speed serial connections from each payload slot to one or more fabric slots populated with data recording engines. Each payload slot has a pair of dedicated 1.25 GB/s full duplex connections. The fabric slots support aggregate data rates in excess of 20 GB/s on and off the backplane.

The heart of the QuiXstore UWB is the Callisto VXS data recording engine which accepts data from the backplane using the Aurora protocol (VITA 41.5) and stripes the data to up to 10 storage interfaces at 180 MB/s each, for a total per slot sustained aggregate rate of 1.8 GB/s (Gigabytes per second).

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