HEM Data DAWN Mini Logger for In-Vehicle Diagnostics

HEM Data rolled out the DAWN Mini Logger for in-vehicle diagnostics. It is the industry’s smallest high speed data logger. The DAWN Mini Logger is small enough to fit within the mating OBD (J1962) connector under the dashboard. Its small size means it is easy to install. The mini-data logger just snaps onto the OBD (On-board Diagnostics) connector. It is then ready to acquire data and is hidden from the driver.

HEM Data DAWN Mini Logger for in-vehicle diagnosticsHEM Data’s DAWN Mini Logger stand-alone logger supports all of the leading automotive protocols including CAN (Controller Area Network) to acquire OBD and Enhanced Diagnostic data. In addition, it supports the J1939 heavy duty protocol. The DAWN Mini Logger works well for a wide range of applications including fleet monitoring, R&D, duty cycle measurements, and service. The user has the option to connect a PC to the Mini Logger for real-time data analysis and display. Computer interface options include USB, Bluetooth, and a cellular modem.

DAWN (Data Acquisition With Networks) has a Windows user-interface that allows the user to easily configure the logger without any programming using flowcharts, tables and dialogs. The same DAWN software acquires and displays real-time data on a PC and configures the stand-alone logger with the parameters to acquire. The software also displays the data as a post process.

By acquiring Enhanced Diagnostic data, DAWN can acquire a few hundred parameters from multiple controllers simultaneously. Using a special test mode, data is acquired up to a rate of 250 samples/sec for each parameter. This overcomes the limitations of most acquisition tools that can only acquire from one controller at a time. It also overcomes the typical OBD limitation of only acquiring data at 20 samples/sec aggregate. Thus, 5 simultaneous parameters could only be acquired at 4 samples/sec each for a competitive system.

The DAWN Mini Logger automatically starts and stops acquiring data when the vehicle ignition is turned on and off. It has a low power mode when shutdown and a 1 year warranty. Also included are a Cabin Temperature Sensor and a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer. Options include a cellular modem and an 8 channel A/D. Storage media is up to 2 GB on a mini SD card. Its operating temperatures range from -40 to 70C and operating voltages range from 6 to 40V.

The DAWN software works with any J2534 compatible device. J2534 is the SAE standard that defines the Application Program Interface (driver API) between the PC and OBD test tool. This means that the DAWN software works with any test tool that conforms to the J2534 specification.

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