Renesas SH7266 and SH7267 Microcontrollers

Renesas Technology America rolled out eight versions of the SH7266 and SH7267 microcontrollers. The two new high-performance 32-bit MCU products feature an on-chip SRAM size of 1.5 MB. The SH7266 and SH7267 are ideal for embedded applications in the industrial and consumer fields such as displays for digital audio players or graphical dashboards. The SH7266 and SH7267 MCUs are the enhanced versions of the SH7260 SuperH Family of high-performance 32-bit RISC MCUs. Sample shipments will begin in February 2010 in Japan.

The SH7266 and SH7267 microcontrollers each have 1.5 MB of large-capacity on-chip SRAM, an increase of 50% from the 1 MB of earlier MCUs in the SH7260 Series, to take the place of external synchronous DRAM (SDRAM). This makes it possible to implement a VGA display (640 x 480 pixels) without the need for external SDRAM. The large-capacity SRAM can be used as a display frame buffer or as a work area for storing programs or data.

Large-capacity (1.5 MB) on-chip SRAM that eliminates the need for external SDRAM
The SH7266 and SH7267 each have 1.5 MB of large-capacity on-chip SRAM that can be used in place of external SDRAM as a program or work area. The large-capacity SRAM can also be used as a display frame buffer for video data, eliminating the need to use external SDRAM for the frame buffer. When used as a frame buffer, the large-capacity SRAM can store two frames of video data in VGA format, an increase from the WQVGA format (480 x 240 pixels) of earlier products in the same series, which can be displayed on a TFT LCD panel via a display controller.

Numerous graphical display functions
The SH7266 and SH7267 provide a new video display controller and digital video input pins for use with graphical and video display applications. It supports functionality such as video recording, size reduction, alpha blending effects (superimposition of transparent or semitransparent images), and superimposition of video input. Digital RGB output pins allow output of images or video in RGB565 format (in which each color is represented by 16 bits: 5 bits for the red [R] component, 6 bits for green [G], and 5 bits for blue [B]) at up to VGA size.

Full complement of on-chip peripheral functions
The SH7266 and SH7267 each have a large number of on-chip peripheral functions, including Hi-Speed USB 2.0 (host and function modes). In addition to standard serial interfaces such as serial communication interfaces with 16-stage FIFO and I2C bus interfaces, the SH7266 and SH7267 are equipped with serial sound interfaces for digital audio data I/O, a CAN interface, 16-bit timers including CMT and MTU2, and PWM timers for motor control. This array of on-chip peripheral functions provides support for a wide range of applications. Also integrated on-chip is a 16-bit external bus controller that enables direct connection to flash ROM, SDRAM, or SRAM without the need for additional external components.

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