SST 26WF Series Serial Quad I/O Family of Flash Memory

SST (Silicon Storage Technology, Inc.) introduced 26WF Series Serial Quad I/O (SQI) family of 1.8V, high-speed quad-bit serial flash memory. The first product in the 26WF Series SQI family is the 32 Mbit SST26WF032. Samples of the product are available now to select customers, with volume production scheduled for Q1 2010. Pricing for the SST26WF032 device is $3.20 each in 10K unit quantities. All 26WF Series SQI devices will be available in both commercial and industrial temperature ranges, and are offered in an 8-contact WSON (6mm x 5mm) or 8-lead SOIC (200 mil) package.

The 26WF Series Serial Quad I/O features an 80 MHz operating frequency and a specialized instruction set. The 4-bit multiplexed I/O serial interface devices enable execute-in-place (XIP) capability, allowing programs to be stored and executed directly from the flash memory without the need for code shadowing on an SRAM. The 26WF Series combines the performance typically associated with parallel flash memory, with the low pin count and space savings of serial flash memory, plus reduced power. The combination of high performance and low power consumption is ideal for mobile handsets, Bluetooth headsets, GPS devices and other small form factor, portable electronics.

With sustained burst data rates of up to 320 Mbit/sec, the 26WF Series devices provide serial flash performance exceeding that of typical parallel flash memory. To provide additional system speed and performance while reducing access time, the 26WF devices support 8-, 16-, 32- and 64-Byte burst mode operation with wrap around. This feature allows designers to execute code in burst snippets for RAM-less applications or fill cache line buffers for applications where the system architecture uses pipelining to maximize bus bandwidth.

The 26WF Series SQI devices offer memory write performance enhancements to improve overall device performance, including flexible erase capability to erase small block sectors on the chip in as little as 25 ms or the entire flash memory chip in 50 ms. The devices also support write suspend and resume operation so a program can suspend a write operation to access another block of memory within the same clock cycle.

The 26WF Series SQI devices are built upon SST’s native 1.8V SuperFlash memory cell, providing inherently higher performance when compared to alternative quad-bit devices that would require power-hungry charge pump circuitry for 1.8V operation, resulting in performance limitations. The 26WF Series products offer superior reliability of 100,000 cycles endurance (typical) and greater than 100 years data retention. The active read current of the devices is only 15 milliamperes (typical at 80 MHz) and standby current is a mere 10 microamperes (typical).

To ensure code security, all 26WF Series devices support software write protection for individual blocks, the upper and lower 64-KBytes of memory are partitioned into smaller 8-KByte sectors that can both read- and write-lock. In addition, the devices include a one-time programmable secure ID area, consisting of a 64-bit factory programmed unique ID and a 192-bit user programmable block.

More info: Silicon Storage Technology