Korenix JetCard 5400-w Embedded Linux PCI-104 Single Board Computer

The RISC-based Korenix JetCard 5400-w is an embedded Linux single board computer (SBC). The JetCard 5400-w has an operating temperature range of -40 to +80 °C. The PCI-104 single board computer features five RJ45 Ethernet ports, one console port, one USB port, and advanced Layer-3 Router functionalities to efficiently manage extended network groups. The Ethernet ports of JetCard 5400-w are available for IPC to function as an Industrial Ethernet Switch without extra Ethernet devices (saving installation costs).

Korenix JetCard 5400-w embedded Linux Ready computer

Korenix JetCard 5400-w Features

  • Intel IXP435 400MHz with Networking Processor
  • 5 Ethernet ports: 1 WAN, 4 LAN
  • 1 USB, 1 console port, 1 reset button
  • 12~48V DC input
  • -40~80°C operating temperature
  • Embedded Linux ready
  • Router/ Ethernet switch function support
  • Linux SDK provided

The JetCard 5400-w supports VPN that allows IPC providers to use it as a VPN gateway for establishing long-distance and secured network connections over WAN while expanding networking capabilities and reducing system costs. The Linux based single board computer enables the VPN function working in Linux as well as cross windows systems. With the Linux SDK, the JetCard 5400-w is an ideal embedded solution for developing customized and flexible industrial control and remote monitoring applications.

With the PCI-104 form factor, IPC providers can design an extensible system with up to four PCI-104 cards and benefit from more interfaces (such as serial, gigabit Ethernet, CANbus, VGA) for higher bandwidth and higher performance network construction.

More info: Korenix Technology