ADLINK MNET-4XMO Distributed Motion and I/O Solutions

ADLINK Technology introduced the MNET-4XMO series of distributed motion and I/O solutions. The MNET-4XMO provide motion control of up to 256 axes and I/O control of up to 2,016 control points through the integration of dedicated and time-deterministic motion & I/O field buses: Motionnet and High Speed Link (HSL). ADLINK’s distributed machine automation solutions are specifically design to significantly decrease wiring and assembling cost by providing cost-effective motion control and ample I/O. Engineers will benefit from the combination of high-performance motion control and the fast 1 ms response time of the I/O modules.

ADLINK Technology MNET-4XMO series of distributed motion and I/O solutions

The MNET-4XMO series features real-time and highly accurate performance for point-to-point, multi-axis linear/circular interpolation—ideal for electronic components manufacturing for LCD and solar panel applications such as LCD/solar panel substrate, array, and cell conveyors, and assembly. The MNET-4XMO-C provides path motion for up to 2,048 paths—perfect for applications requiring constant velocity motion such as dispensing systems. The combination of time-deterministic motion performance and scanning of thousands of discrete I/O points (up to 2,016 points less than 1 ms) enables simple implementation of high-speed and high response motion control systems supporting up to 256 axes.

As the size of automation equipment increases, more motion axes and I/O points are required. Following this trend, ADLINK offers complete distributed motion and I/O solutions targeting machine automation application and which combine a master controller and comprehensive distributed motion and I/O modules as slaves. ADLINK’s family of master controllers include the PCI-7856 PCI-based control board for standard applications, and the DPAC-3000 ruggedized and compact fanless controller for applications requiring greater reliability and stability. ADLINK’s family of slave modules includes the MNET-J3, MNET-S23, and MNET-MIA Motionnet distributed single-axis control modules, the MNET-4XMO series of general-purpose 4-axis control modules, and comprehensive HSL digital and analog I/O modules.

ADLINK also provides MotionCreatorPro 2, a Windows-based application development software package included with all distributed motion and I/O control modules. MotionCreatorPro 2 provides simple configuration and real-time statuses of modules, in addition to precise positioning control with no effort.

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