Silicon Labs QuickSense Devices for Human Interface Applications

Silicon Laboratories launched the QuickSense family of highly accurate and fast-response touch, proximity, and ambient light sense devices supported by a common development environment. The QuickSense sensing solutions are ideal for portable, consumer, and industrial electronics products. The QuickSense F700 and F800 touch sense MCUs and the Si11xx proximity and ambient light sensors are available now. All QuickSense parts are supported by the QuickSense Studio and a suite of development tools to enable quick evaluation and design.

Silicon Laboratories QuickSense Devices for Human Interface Applications

Silicon Labs QuickSense Device Families

  • Si11xx family of proximity and ambient light sensors
    This family uses a patented single-pulse proximity measurement technique that dramatically reduces overall system power. The Si11xx devices also offer an innovative, patent-pending touchless proximity slider for gesturing. The devices provide extended range under a wide variety of lighting conditions, improving the end user experience and enabling the use of lower cost or lower profile LEDs. The new proximity and ambient light sensors are ideal for portable electronics, displays, kiosks, dispensers, interactive toys and other consumer and industrial products.

  • C8051F800 family of capacitive touch sense microcontrollers (MCUs)
    Based on a patent-pending capacitance-to-digital converter that enables best-in-class touch sensing, the F800 family eliminates the need for mechanical buttons and sliders. The small-footprint, high-performance F800 touch sense MCUs are ideal for personal electronics, small appliances, residential light controls, thermostat controls, home security panels, set-top boxes and commercial point-of-sale interfaces.

  • C8051F7xx family of capacitive touch sense MCUs
    This series of new touchscreen controllers is expected to be available beginning in early 2010 with initial support for two-finger touch screens followed by support for multi-touch touchscreens for applications such as handsets, personal navigation devices, portable gaming systems and other consumer electronics products.

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