Kontron OM6061 Carrier Grade 1U MicroTCA Platform

The Kontron OM6061 is a carrier grade 1U MicroTCA platform. The Kontron OM6061 features an 8-fan front-to-back cooling set-up, an integrated 360W -48V or -60V power supply, and a cost optimized MCH module within in a 1U, 12.5 deep rack-mountable platform. The Kontron OM6061 MicroTCA platform offers six mid-size AdvancedMC slots for multiple system configurations. It is ideal for a wide assortment of central office and service aggregation point applications, ranging from SIP Servers, SSL Offload, and content-aware processing and QoS over Ethernet. The Kontron OM6061 is in full production with samples available immediately.

Kontron OM6061 carrier grade 1U MicroTCA platform

Kontron OM6061 Overview

  • 1U Carrier Grade MicroTCA platform
  • Cost-efficient MCH module and six (6) AMC slots
  • Front-to-back cooling and integrated 360W -48V or -60V power supply
  • Designed for NEBS compliance

The carrier grade telecommunication platform is designed to meet NEBS and has been fully pre-tested with the cost optimized MicroTCA Carrier Hub Kontron AM4901, and the AdvancedMC modules for storage (Kontron AM4510), CPU (Kontron AM4010), and network processing (Kontron AM4204). The three remaining slots are optionally open for a redundant AMC configuration or additional AMC modules.

Kontron AM4901
The Kontron AM4901 MCH contains an unmanaged BCM5396 Ethernet switch for a simplified design and improved costs (lower cost components, no switch controller, no software for switch controller). It provides one GbE uplink on the front, and provides six GbE ports at the card edge connector (Fabric [A]) for the AdvancedMC slots, plus 1x GbE for the MCH update channel.

Kontron AM4510
The Kontron AM4510 SATA storage AdvancedMC module uses Intel’s leading X25-E Solid State Drive for native Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) and achieves enhanced performance, reliability, ruggedness and power savings.

Kontron AM4010
The Kontron AM4010 is a highly integrated mid-size processor AdvancedMC module and is based on the Intel Core Duo and the Intel Core2 Duo processor, complemented by the Intel 3100 server-class chipset. It includes up to 4 GB registered Double Data Rate (DDR2) memory.

Kontron AM4204
The AdvancedMC Module Kontron AM4204 features 4 x 1GbE ports to the front and software configurable interfaces to the Fabric side (PCIe, 4x 1GbE or XAUI). Designed with Cavium Networks’ OCTEON Plus 5650 Network Service Processor it provides high-density, high-bandwidth serial I/O for networking. Also it is optimized for layer 4 to 7 data and security processing, targeting 3G/4G BTS, RNC, xGSN and Media Gateways.

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