Micrium uC/OS-MPU Add-on

Micrium launched the µC/OS-MPU (Memory Protection Unit), which is an enhancement of uC/OS-II. The add-on is designed to protect the uC/OS-II internal memory from task memory areas. µC/OS-MPU introduces processes with a dedicated memory context. Each process, which can have one or more tasks assigned, is protected against memory corruption by other components. Shared memory regions can be created and assigned to different processes.

µC/OS-MPU adds safety and security to embedded designs including safety-critical applications. µC/OS-MPU prevents access of forbidden locations. µC/OS-MPU is available for any microcontroller with a memory protection unit. Micrium also provides certification support, if required.

With the µC/OS-MPU add-on, large software blocks can be integrated easily without disturbing the memory of other software segments. The interface is configurable and easy to use yet, based on adhering to strict coding rules during development, the source code is highly efficient in resource usage and certifiable with minimum effort.

uC/OS-MPU now features the ability to go even deeper into safety critical applications. This enhancement makes the memory protection unit much more powerful, yet does not compromise its ease of integration and use. µC/OS-MPU specifically targets ARM Cortex-M3 CPUs and ARM9 CPU cores. The enhanced version is available now for $8K.

More info: Micrium