MontaVista Carrier Grade Edition Linux 5.1

MontaVista Software rolled out version 5.1 of Carrier Grade Edition (CGE) Linux. Over 30 different Linux Support Packages (LSP’s) are available immediately for CGE 5.1. The latest release of CGE Linux supports next generation 4G wireless networks including LTE and WiMAX. CGE 5.1 includes full integration of the OpenSAF high availability middleware consistent with Service Availability Forum specifications. CGE 5.1 is the only carrier grade Linux to be compliant with Carrier Grade Linux, IPv6, and Linux Standard Base certifications.

MontaVista Carrier Grade Edition Linux 5.1 Features

  • Includes the features and protocols required for next generation wireless networks like LTE and WiMAX, freeing developers from the burden of developing and supporting these protocols themselves.
  • Enables virtual routing and forwarding within Linux, so that cost-effective, off the shelf hardware may be utilized, rather than expensive custom hardware to provide the same level of security. This enables hardware consolidation, which ultimately lowers costs for NEP’s.
  • Integrates open source high availability middleware solutions like OpenSAF consistent with Service Availability Forum specifications, speeding application development.

MontaVista Carrier Grade Edition Linux is a commercial-grade Linux development platform for network equipment developers working with Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) or custom hardware, who require high quality, high availability and long-term support, built on open source. MontaVista CGE 5.1 helps Network Equipment Providers (NEPs) deliver secure, innovative products at a lower cost.

MontaVista Linux CGE Highlights

  • Has over 30 Linux support packages (LSPs) available today with support for Intel x86, Freescale processors based on Power Architecture technology, Cavium OCTEON, and RMI XLR/XLS architectures
  • Architectures have been registered for compliance with Carrier Grade Linux 4.0 at the Linux Foundation
  • Adds features such as SCTP, IPSEC with IKEv2 protocols, required for LTE and 4G next generation wireless networks
  • The only commercial Linux vendor to provide virtual routing and forwarding, allowing for hardware consolidation and network administration flexibility
  • Integration of the open source OpenSAF 3.0 high availability middleware
  • The only carrier grade Linux to be compliant with CGL 4.0, IPv6, and LSB 3.0 certifications
  • 7 of the top 8 NEP’s deploy products running MontaVista Linux CGE

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