Chassis Plans CCX-17 and CCX-19 Rackmount LCD Keyboard Drawers

Chassis Plans rolled out the CCX-17 and CCX-19 Military Grade 1U Rackmount LCD Keyboard drawers. Three military grade Genesis LCD controllers are available providing a mix of features with aRGB VGA, DVI-D, DVI-D and video inputs. Picture-In-Picture is supported in one of the controllers. The controllers are conformal coated for environmental and shock/vibration protection and support operating temperatures of -40 to +80 Deg C. The CCX-17 and CCX-19 LCD keyboard drawers are currently shipping in production quantities.

Chassis Plans CCX-17 and CCX-19 1U Rackmount Keyboards

CCX-17 and CCX-19 1U Rackmount Keyboard Features

  • Military grade construction and feature set
  • 17- and 19-inch TFT LCDs supporting 1280×1024
  • Bonded Anti-Reflective (AR) glass contrast enhancement filter
  • Bonded ITR EMI filter across display
  • Up and down scaling of input to native panel resolution
  • aRGB VGA, DVI-I, DVI-D, Video Inputs
  • Picture-In-Picture
  • Sealed spill proof NEMA 4 / IP65 silicone rubber keyboard and mouse pointer
  • Multiple input voltage options – 110/220VAC, 12VDC, 28VDC Mil Std 704/1275, -48VDC
  • Multiple KVM options with front of display control and active port indication
  • Rugged 5052-H32 aluminum construction with milled 1/4″ front panel
  • Stainless steel hardware and self locking fasteners
  • Includes cable management arm
  • Rugged friction slides
  • Designed to meet Mil Std 901D and 810G (being tested to compliance)
  • All components selected for long product availability

The displays are 17- or 19-inch TFT LCDs with 1280×1024 resolution. A contrast enhancing glass Anti-Reflective (AR) filter is bonded to the LCD for superior contrast in high bright environments. A separate bonded layer provides an ITR EMI filter across the face of the display.

The silicon rubber keyboard provides full travel with tactile feedback for ease of typing. The keyboard is sealed to NEMA-4 / IP65 standards and is spill proof. A sealed pointing device is built into the keyboard. A wrist pad is provided to make typing more comfortable.

The CCX-17 and CCX-19 1U rackmount keyboards are constructed from 5052-H32 aluminum alloy. The front panel is milled from a solid 1/4″ billet for strength. Fasteners are stainless steel and thread into self locking nuts. The front handle folds to protect the user and captive screws hold the unit closed in the rack. The unit is 24.4-inches deep including the provided cable management arm. Rugged friction slides are provided. Friction slides were selected as more rugged than ball bearing slides and less prone to jamming due to dust and dirt in the balls. The systems are designed to meet and being tested to 901D and 810G.

More info: Chassis Plans CCX-17 and CCX-19 1U Rackmount Keyboards (pdf)