STMicroelectronics TS4982 Single-Chip Audio Subsystem IC

STMicroelectronics announced the TS4982 single-chip audio subsystem IC. The TS4982 includes 3D sound enhancement for improved stereo effects in small equipment, such as notebook PCs, mobile internet devices, gaming consoles, or any portable multimedia devices offering high-quality sound. The TS4982 offers highly integrated advanced 3D audio technology at consumer price points. The TS4982 is in production now, packaged in a 5 x 5mm lead-free QFN32 package, and priced below $0.40 in volume quantities.

STMicroelectronics TS4982 Features

STMicroelectronics TS4982 single-chip audio subsystem IC

  • Output power
    • 2 W @ 5 V on 4 ohms load at 1 % THD
    • 125 mW output power on 16 ohms load at 5 V referenced to ground headset drive
  • Selectable 3D effect and overall output gains
    • 3 level gain for stereo enhancement
    • 9, 10.5, 12, 13.5 dB different output gain selection
    • PC beep input pin
  • Very low consumption: 8.5 mA quiescent current
  • Standby current: 10 nA typ
  • Supply voltage: from 4.5 V to 5.5 V

The TS4982′s 3D sound-enhancement circuitry allows closely spaced speakers to deliver greater stereo spatial effects. This enables small devices to deliver a more satisfying, high-quality listening experience for users. The 3D effect is adjustable for low, medium or high volume levels, allowing equipment designers to optimize stereo enhancement according to the type and size of product. The level is set using two external pins on the device, and requires no additional circuitry.

The TS4982 includes 2 x 2W stereo speaker driver, 125mW stereo headphone driver, four-step digital volume control, pop-and-click reduction circuitry to attenuate unwanted system noises, and PC-beep pass-through capability. Separate Enable signals for the headphone and speaker drivers result in the lowest possible power consumption at all times, enabling battery-powered devices to operate for longer. The device also draws very low current of 10nA in shutdown mode, which minimizes the audio subsystem’s effect on battery life when not being used.

The TS4982 also helps designers save pc-board space through features such as ground-referenced circuitry for the headphone driver. This avoids the need to add DC-blocking capacitors, thereby reducing overall system size and cost. Since DC-blocking capacitors also represent a source of noise, removing these also contributes to higher audio quality. In addition, the device’s speaker driver has a Bridge-Tied Load (BTL) output, which produces high audio power as well as high efficiency.

The device’s external PC-Beep input enables PC-generated sounds such as power-up self-test codes to be transmitted through the speaker or headphone driver circuitry. In PC-multimedia applications, this allows the user to stay informed of PC status while playing back local or online content.

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