Atmel ATA6870 and ATA6871 Li-Ion Battery Management Chipsets

Atmel released ATA6870 and ATA6871 Li-Ion battery management chipsets for high-cell-count automotive and industrial applications. The ATA6870/71 chipset requires less external components than comparable solutions. Samples of the new ATA6870 and ATA6871 ICs are now available in small QFN48/SSO28 packages. Pricing starts at $2.95 (USD) for the ATA6870 and $1.31 (USD) for the ATA6871 at 10k-piece quantities. The ATA6870/71 chipset is ideal for electrical/hybrid vehicles, e-bikes, or uninterruptible power supplies.

Both the ATA6870 and the ATA6871 circuits monitor six-battery cells and can be stacked up to 16 times. For the highest communication robustness between the stacked ICs, the ICs feature level shifters based on current sources. The ATA6870 also includes an 8-bit checksum monitor that helps further increase data communication robustness.

The ATA6870 provides a dedicated AD converter for each battery cell to be monitored. This enables simultaneous measurement voltage of all cells within one battery string for precise state-of-charge determination of Li-Ion battery cells.

The integrated power supply for the microcontroller can be stacked the same way as the IC itself. Therefore, the current required to supply the microcontroller can be taken from the top cell and be fed back into the battery string’s bottom cell. As a result, the microcontroller’s current consumption will not cause any cell imbalance, helping designers save expensive high-voltage devices.

Evaluation kits are also available now. The kits enable a quick start with the ICs to allow prototyping and testing of new battery designs immediately. For the ATA6870, Atmel offers additional software for PCs and laptops with a graphical user interface to control and optimize high-cell-count battery stacks.

More info: Atmel ATA6870 | ATA6871