Technosoft PIM3605 Intelligent Plug-in Minidrive

The Technosoft PIM3605 is a pluggable intelligent minidrive for motion control applications where space is critical. Manufactured with simple pins, the drive has an architecture that allows for faster assembly and installation, letting the user insert the drive in seconds. Its miniature size and weight (67 x 43 x 20 mm, 27 g) allows it to be placed inside the machine or near the motor. The drive controls brushless, DC, linear or step motors up to 180 W (36 V, 5 A) continuous and 600 W (36 V, 16 A) peak power.

Technosoft PIM3605 Intelligent Plug-in Minidrive with CANopen Interface

Technosoft PIM3605 Intelligent Plug-in Minidrive Features

  • Fully digital servo amplifier with embedded intelligence and PLC functionality
  • Controls brushless (sinusoidal / trapezoidal), DC brush, linear or step motors
  • Various control modes as:
    • Torque, speed or position control
    • Electronic gearing, contouring, profiling
    • Step motor emulation (step and direction input)
    • External variables control capabilities (pressure, flow, temperature etc.)
  • Powerful Technosoft Motion Language (TML) instruction set for definition and execution of motion sequences in:
    • Single- or multi-axis control (master or slave mode)
    • Standalone operation with Stored Motion sequences
  • RS-232 serial communication
  • CAN bus 2.0B, up to 1 Mbit/s, or CANopen bus
  • Programmable digital input / outputs and analog inputs
    • 5 inputs, 5-V or 24-V compatible (Enable, Pulse and Direction, Limit Switches)
    • 2 outputs, 5-V or 24-V compatible (Ready, GPO)
    • Differential quadrature encoder and Hall sensors interface
    • Linear Hall sensors
    • 2 analog inputs, +/-10 V or 0/+5 V range
  • Single power supply (12-42 V)
  • High current capability (5-A continuous, 16-A peak current)
  • Protection to overcurrent, short-circuit, earth fault, over- and undervoltage, I2t, control error
  • 2.54-mm screw terminal connectors

The hardware structure of PIM3605 is based on a cost-optimized design that integrates all the basic motor control functions on a single module. A series of I/O signals, both digital and analog, are available for easy interfacing with the application. Incremental encoders, digital and linear Halls are incorporated by default. The drive is fully programmable with the EasyMotion Studio software and Technosoft Motion Language (TML). A complete set of high-level TML instructions allows the user to define and start complex motion sequences from a CAN master via PC / PLC (using the appropriate motion library), or to execute pre-stored motion sequences selected from I/O lines, in a stand-alone mode.

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