ISaGRAF v6 Alpha Release

ISaGRAF 6 was designed to be a high-productivity tool for automation vendors and machine builders. It introduces a Managed Open Plug In environment that allows vendors to seamlessly integrate differentiating components. It also offers an infrastructure that enables the ISaGRAF Runtime to coexist with any other PLC or automation product in the same development environment, unifying them under IEC 61131. The alpha release is currently being tested by select customers.

This new version leverages all the strengths of the ISaGRAF 5 embedded runtime, such as hardware-independent programming and compliance with the IEC 61131 and IEC 61499 standards. With its IEC 61499 compliance, ISaGRAF enables users to build traditional control systems where the interactions between devices are automatically regulated and synchronized by the IEC 61499 function block diagrams rather than through the use of manually-implemented algorithms.

The Beta release of ISaGRAF 6.0 is planned for November. The ISaGRAF 6.0 beta version will be offered to a selected set of ISaGRAF partners and customers. Those organizations wishing to take part in the beta testing program are invited to contact applications and support team at

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