Micro Power SMC-65 Battery Charger Module for Li-ion Batteries

Micro Power introduced the SMC-65 battery charger module for Li-ion batteries. The module is an open frame charger assembly that provides efficient, reliable battery charging in a small footprint that can be easily integrated into industrial, medical and military OEM products. The SMC-65 module operates from a wide range DC input, so it can be used in desktop (via an external AC/DC converter), mobile automotive, and military vehicular applications. It will safely charge most popular battery types and pack voltages (up to 19 Volts). The 65 watt module has two battery interface configurations; digital (for smart batteries) and analog (batteries with no communications).

Micro Power SMC-65 Battery Charger Module

The SMC-65 module utilizes a programmable microprocessor charge control system with algorithms capable of charging Li-ion battery packs with or without fuel gauges. The SMC-65 module supports SMBus communications (SBS Level III), and can optionally accommodate DQ and HDQ communication protocols. Other features include variable rate charging and input/output reverse polarity protection.

The SMC-65 module is packaged to provide the smallest possible footprint, 55 mm by 55 mm by 12 mm, while maintaining reliable operation and a competitive price. The SMC-65 module significantly reduces the development time and cost of OEM battery chargers or devices requiring embedded charging electronics.

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