GE Fanuc ICS-1620 and ICS-1640 16-channel Digital Analog Converters

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms introduced the ICS-1620 and ICS-1640 16-channel Digital/Analog Converters. The ICS-1620 and ICS-1640 are ideal for demanding data acquisition applications (such as high frequency, multi-channel sonar systems). The DAC’s feature dynamic and frequency range, and multiple redundant levels of channel-channel and board-board synchronization. Both Digital/Analog Converters are short form factor PCI Express x4 cards, making them extremely compact and well suited to size- and weight-constrained environments such as unmanned vehicles. The ICS-1620 features a 16-bit resolution DAC capability, while the ICS-1640 offers 24-bit resolution. Both operate at 2.5MHz.

ICS-1640 16-channel Digital/Analog Converter - GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms

ICS-1620 and ICS-1640 Digital/Analog Converters Features

  • High dynamic range enables detection of smaller targets at longer distances
  • Board-board synchronization facilitates high channel count systems
  • Short form PCI Express form factor enables compact, light weight solutions

The ICS-1620 provides a DAC product complementary to the ICS-1640. The two DACs are designed to work together in systems requiring both receive and transmit elements. As well as serving the needs of acoustic and ultrasound sonar systems designers, the ICS-1620 and ICS-1640 are also appropriate for other applications such as test and measurement and vibration analysis.

The ICS-1620 and ICS-1640 feature high dynamic range (16-bit/85 dB for the ICS-1620 and 24-bit/greater than 100 dB for the ICS-1640), which enable detection of smaller, quieter targets at longer distances. This allows the ICS-1640 to provide directly sampled analog signals without the inherent performance degradation of a complex signal conditioning stage, while the requirement for signal conditioning on the ICS-1620 is substantially reduced. Channel-channel receive-transmit synchronization allows for target localization with no down time as the boards automatically recover synchronization. The ability for multiple boards to be synchronized with each other means that systems need not be limited to the 16-channels available on each board: very high channel count solutions can be developed.

Flexible clocking schemes allow for programmability over the entire available sampling range with a resolution of 1 Hz. The clocks can be locked to a very stable on-board 10MHz TCXO, or to an externally supplied reference clock such a GPS receiver. The external clock can also be provided at the desired sampling rate as the oversampling clock.

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