Emerson ATCA-7360 AdvancedTCA Single Board Computer

Emerson Network Power introduced the ATCA-7360 10Gbps AdvancedTCA (ATCA) single-board computer (SBC). The ATCA-7360 supports two of the latest Intel Xeon 5500 series processors. Compared to previous generation ATCA blades, the ATCA-7360 offers higher memory capacity, improved I/O connectivity, virtualization and power management. The blade runs Red Hat RHEL 5.4, Wind River PNE LE 3.0, and Microsoft Windows Server 2008. The ATCA-7360 is sampling now with worldwide general market availability expected in Q1 2010.

ATCA-7360 AdvancedTCA Single Board Computer Overview

  • Highest performing ATCA server blade from Emerson Network Power targets telecommunications and network-centric data processing
  • The ATCA-7360 features two of the latest Intel Xeon 5500 series processors in addition to higher memory capacity, improved I/O connectivity, virtualization and power management compared to previous generation ATCA blades
  • Network equipment manufacturers use Emerson’s off-the-shelf ATCA products to reduce the time and cost of developing or enhancing next generation equipment

The ATCA-7360 enables network and service providers to lower their CapEx and OpEx for a broad set of telecom applications, including control, gateway and telecom server functions for a variety of next-generation networks. Additional applications include application and media servers, 3G serving and gateway support nodes, LTE (Long-Term Evolution) mobile management entities and serving gateways, WiMAX ASN gateways and IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) media gateways. The ATCA-7360 blade will also help improve the price/performance ratio of commercial functions in network data centers and server-class environments beyond telecommunications, such as network-centric military, aerospace, scientific experimentation and other data processing applications.

The ATCA-7360 SBC complies with NEBS and ETSI specifications. It features two quad-core Intel Xeon L5518 (2.13 GHz) processors based on the Intel Microarchitecture (codenamed Nehalem) and up to 80GB DDR3 main memory. Several rear transition module (RTM) variants are available to support different I/O configurations. The RTMs also provide hot-swappable hard disk capability for a flexible choice of storage options including various capacity enterprise class disks, a SATA disk with extended temperature range or a solid state disk and the blade also supports RAID 0/1 for external disk drives. Emerson’s ATCA-7360 can be configured with a variety of software offerings, from firmware-only to fully integrated and verified software operating environments.

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