Radiocrafts RC1180-MBUS3 OMS Wireless M-Bus RF Module for Smart Meters

Radiocrafts announced a new firmware feature set (MBUS3) that complies with the OMS (Open Metering System) specification. The new firmware runs on the RC1180-MBUS Wireless M-Bus module for use in Automatic Metering Reading (AMR) applications. This is the first all-embedded module solution compliant with the new OMS specification available in the market. The MBUS3 module and demo kits are available now.

The MBUS3 module can be configured for use as a master (in the MUC), a slave (in the meter or an actuator), or as a repeater. The module supports S1, S2, T1 and T2 modes, handles encryption (AES-128), and all time-critical communication between the MUC and the meter. The power saving features gives battery lifetimes in excess of 14 years.

A master module can support up to 64 slaves, all with unique encryption keys. The master has a unique auto-message generation feature and message mailboxes supporting individual communication with several slaves in parallel.

The repeater functionality makes up a complete and autonomous repeater that will store and retransmit slave messages in order to increase the coverage area of one master (MUC).

The new RC1180-MBUS3 is a surface-mounted high performance transceiver module measuring only 12.7 x 25.4 x 3.3 mm, and can easily be integrated into any meter. A UART interface is used for serial communication and configuration. An antenna is connected directly to the RF pin. The new module supports two-way communication, enabling not only meter reading but also valve control and data acknowledgement.

The RC1180-MBUS module is certified for operation under the European radio regulations for license-free use. When used with quarter-wave antennas a line-of-sight range of 800 meter can be achieved.

The OMS primary communication interface is based on the Wireless M-Bus standard (EN 13757-4:2005) and specifies the communication between a Multi Utility Communication (MUC) controller or gateway, and electricity, gas, water and heat meters. The specification is becoming widely accepted in Europe as a basis for new Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) installations. Radiocrafts has participated in the development of the new specification together with leading meter manufacturers and other communication technology providers in Europe.

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